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Controls Valves

Thermostatic expansion valves are designed for a wide range of air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pump and chiller applications.

Our integral valve line includes valves for commercial and refrigeration applications, as well as heat pump and residential applications. The “Take-A-Part Series” valves are the answer to your unique needs, available for almost any type of application, temperature range, or refrigerant. We also offer a complete line of specialty valves. Consult us for your specific system requirements.

The Thermo® Expansion Valve is a precision device designed to regulate the rate of refrigerant liquid flow into the evaporator in the exact proportion to the rate of evaporation of the refrigerant liquid in the evaporator. The amount of refrigerant gas leaving the evaporator can be regulated since the Thermo Valve responds to the temperature of the refrigerant gas leaving the evaporator and the pressure in the evaporator. This controlled flow prevents the return of refrigerant liquid to the compressor. The Thermo Expansion Valve controls the flow of gas by maintaining a pre-determined superheat