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Refrigerant Distributors
When refrigerant passes through the thermostatic expansion valve (TEV), the intended circuits do not always receive equal amounts of refrigerant. If not corrected, system performance will certainly suffer. Refrigerant separates unevenly for two reasons:
• refrigerant is predominantly liquid by weight, but vapor occupies most of the volume;
• liquid and vapor flow at different velocities.
When refrigerant flows through a simple header, as shown below, the flow will be greatest to the path of least resistance.

Thermostatic Expansion Valves
No matter what the application, no matter where the application, when engineers and installers are faced with challenges in air conditioning or refrigeration, they insist on Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valves. With over twenty types of TEV's, Sporlan valves are designed for real world situations. Features include replaceable thermostatic elements for performance and serviceability; patented removable inlet strainers for quick cleaning; and knife edge joints to assure tight seals. Then, add quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, inspection and testing processes throughout production, and you know when you ask for Sporlan, you're getting the best. When reliability, performance and long life are required, Sporlan is the global preference.

Solenoid Valves
Sporlan's complete line of normally-open or normally-closed solenoid valves are available with a full range of voltages and frequencies. That means we always have the right valve for your job. And, our extended solder connections not only cut installation time, there is no need to disassemble when brazing, reducing the risk of refrigerant leaks. Proven synthetic materials ensure precise control and lasting valve-seat tightness and, all our solenoid valves are 100% tested, UL listed and CSA approved.

Pressure Regulating Valves
Serious professionals rely on Sporlan to keep things cool. Built for extremes, Sporlan PRVs give you durability, reliability, the highest-quality components, and precision engineering. Plus peace of mind. Sporlan valves are compact, tested for accuracy, and easy to install. And with Sporlan you get superior service every step of the way. For peak system performance, follow the leader. Specify Sporlan PRVs. Because there's no substitute for quality.

Level Control System
Too much or too little of a good thing is simply no good. We know maintaining a proper oil level is imperative to extend compressor life. But, keeping the slick stuff under control can present a challenge, unless you're using Sporlan's Oil Management Products. Sporlan's keys to successful oil management are the OL-1 and the OL-2 Mechanical Oil Controls. They take charge; monitoring and maintaining an ideal balance at all times, keeping system oil on the level and your compressor protected. Sporlan's Oil Management line also includes the OR-1½ Oil Reservoir and the OCV-20 Check Valve, the components you need to keep things running smoothly. Sporlan's Oil Management System is on a level of its own.

Electronic Temperature Control System
Making the switch to Sporlan electronic products is a move worth taking. With over 20 years experience in the manufacture and development of electronic products, accurate, efficient and repeatable performance is our hallmark. The cornerstone of Sporlan's electronic products is our advanced step motor technology. Sporlan step motors have extraordinary resolution, ranging between 1596 and 6386 steps of stroke, and operating at 200 steps per second. Our precision step motors are incorporated into the CDS Electric Evaporator Pressure Regulator, SDR Electric Discharge Gas Bypass Valve, and the SEI and SEH Electric Expansion Valves. And, the Sporlan Temperature Control Board (TCB) allows control of most of our electric valves with a generic PID. Sporlan electronic products, precise control that's always in step with your needs.

Contaminant Barriers
They're a nasty group - moisture, acids, dirt, sludge and wax. These contaminants frequently attack systems, causing higher condensing temperatures, plugged metering devices, system corrosion and more. At Sporlan we have the "barriers" to defend against contaminants, and keep your refrigeration systems performing at peak efficiency. Start protecting your system with the famous molded porous core Catch-All. The Catch-All captures all sorts of contaminants and is compatible with every refrigerant. Next in the lineup -- Sporlan suction filters, unparalleled in compressor protection, they provide an exclusive bi-directional flow feature and excellent filtration ability. Then, reinforce the barrier with Sporlan's See-All moisture and liquid indicator and Sporlan TA-1 and AK-3 acid test kits.